“Worst Year Ever!”

Quit finding reasons to say 2016 was a terrible year. Quit creating excuses for yourself to feel like you have no control over your life or the events therein. Maybe it hasn’t been a great year, but I suspect it’s the case that the number of earth-shattering negative events in your life are vastly outnumbered by the good things that have happened. Be rational.

I find it a bit ironic that a chronically depressed, type II bipolar is having to say these things to counter the cognitive distortions so many people seem to be foisting on our society. Quit tying your conceptions of happiness into things outside of your control. Exercise your intellect when assigning values to your emotions and events that influence them.  Overall? Quit being emotionally weak.

I suspect that a majority of events people have cried wolf and beaten their breast for over the past year will be forgotten by this time next year, and replaced with another series of worst year yet explications.


Of course, you could break out of that if you wanted.


~ by nyelome on November 28, 2016.

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